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About Us


About Hells Bells Customs

WHO ARE WE:  HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS was founded in 1993 by design engineer and company President Marix Stone.

WHAT ARE WE:  We are what custom bike builders are to Helmets, specializing in 3-Dimensional artistry on motorcycle accessories. We are the only custom hand fabricators in the industry.

OUR MISSION:  To offer the BEST and most unique helmets for motorcycle enthusiasts, or any sport that requires a helmet who seek the ULTIMATE in real custom "FX" helmets for riding and show events.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: HELLS BELLS are the Original and ONLY 3D concept helmets in the world with REAL custom 3D "FX". Original concept developed in 1993 and patented in 2000, U.S. Patent No. 6,101,636.

CUSTOM "ONE OF A KINDS": All of the Hells Bells Helmets and Tank & Fender work shown on this website are custom HANDCRAFTED one at a time in the U.S.A. No two are exactly the same; each and every Hells Bells custom product is a “one of a kind”. 

AVAILABILITY: No helmets are ever sitting on a shelf or “in stock”, they are all custom made to your order. We are doing the best we can do get your order out to you as quickly as possible, and we greatly appreciate your patience.

LIKE NO OTHER: HELLS BELLS are the ULTIMATE in DOT Protective Headgear in the Motorcycling World!  One look and you will see...there is NO comparison to any other helmet on the planet. With many New, Innovative, Never before designs... "Custom Made to Order" fabrication, and the ONLY patented 3D sculpted artistry process. BADASS Helmet is by far, the best custom helmets that money can buy. Made in the U.S.A.  

THIS IS OUR ONLINE CATALOG: All the products that you see on this web site is our full catalog to date. We do NOT have a catalog in "print" available or that we can send you upon request. 


All helmets by HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS / BADASS Helmet are DOT certified and EXCEED DOT standards.

In the event you get into an accident, motorized or non-motorized, and sustain any kind of injury while wearing a BADASS Helmet, HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS / BADASS Helmet ™ is not responsible and assumes no liability whatsoever.

HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS are not to be used as any type of weapon or object to bring harm to any individual at anytime.  HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS, BADASS Helmet ™ assumes no responsibility or any liability.  HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS / BADASS Helmet strongly suggests that you please use common sense when using a HELLS BELLS helmet for any reason.

Use at your own risk…you have been warned.                        


BADASS Helmet™ is a registered trademark.

HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS / BADASS Helmet™ is the property of HELLS BELLS CUSTOMS and Eye Imagine Studio. All helmet designs shown on this web site are copyrighted and patented with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.                          U.S. Patent No. 6,101,636     

WARNING: any unauthorized copying, duplication or reproduction in any manner whatsoever will constitute infringement of copyright, trademark and or patent. Any unauthorized actions are prohibited by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution. 

Eye Imagine Studio © Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved.




Eye Imagine Studio © Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved.