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Custom Design


ANYONE who has ever Owned a Bike, has had a Vision or an idea of what their DREAM BIKE would look like!
We’ve asked countless bikers what they want would want, and not surprisingly, the number one answer was:  they “wanted something different", NOT what everyone else has!
This explains the overwhelming desire of bikers who want to build and create their own custom bikes!
Today, a custom motorcycle truly reflects and defines a rider of who they are, it is a true form of self expression.

So, who are you? What would your dream bike look like? What artistry represents YOU and symbolizes who YOU are?
If you know, isn’t it time for you to create something really “different”, something out of the ordinary...that nobody else has?!

Designer and "MetaMorphosis" creator Marix Stone brings his surrealistic mind and unmatched concepts and visions, to those who are truly seeking something out of the ordinary!
 If YOU'VE got an idea, a design or artwork that YOU want to come alive on YOUR bike, then this is the place, a place that can really make YOUR dream become a reality!
Here's How...

Art Submission:  Submit your design, artwork or idea for creator Marix Stone to review. There is NO CHARGE to submit your artwork and sketches.

Review:   Once Marix Stone reviews your submission, he will contact you and go over the details and possibilities it will take to bring YOUR OWN creation to life!

Quote:  After we receive your design/artwork and REVIEW it with you, you will then be given a "full price quote" within 5-7 business days.

Schedule: All of Marix Stone’s creations are on a first come, first serve basis, and MUST be scheduled by appointment to reserve "MetaMorphosis" time for YOUR "Custom One of a Kind Creation", your OWN vision come to life on YOUR bike! 

Truly a Dream Come True!